PC Party/Brian Marlatt Endorse Non-partisan Medicare for Autism Now!
Friday, 02 October 2015 12:08

Progressive Canadian Party Media Release
PC Party/Brian Marlatt Endorse Non-partisan Medicare for Autism Now!

October 2, 2015, South Surrey-White Rock - The Progressive Canadian Party supports and endorses the non-partisan "Medicare for Autism Now!" national campaign calling for policy change to make science-based Autism treatment (ABA/IBI) available to all Canadians diagnosed with Autism, regardless of age or where they live. "Political will, alone, will overcome the marginal constitutional barriers to support for families and children victimized by Autism," said the Progressive Canadian Party’s Brian Marlatt who first endorsed the national Medicare for Autism NOW!Campaign in the 2008 election. "The provincial governments struggle with the financial burden. The federal government must take the initiative; provincial jurisdiction is not a barrier to the power to persuade or the will to amend the Canada Health Act in the interest of families and children; this government’s firewall provincialism comes at a cost to the most vulnerable."

"The Medicare for Autism, NOW! campaign has not received the high profile media attention it did in2008 when a Rally for Autism took place here, in Surrey, and in Tony Clement’s riding in Bracebridge, Ontario," Marlatt notes, "but the One in 68 campaign in 2015 deserves support and can continue to count me in." "While BC has stepped up with the support of our local MLA Gordon Hogg and charitable donations to build the Pacific Autism Centre, much more needs to be done."

" The Harper Conservatives continue to fail children and families in real need," Marlatt believes. "A first priority must be to amend the Canada Health Act to provide joint federal/provincial coverage for ABA/IBI scientific-based Autism treatment. The Supreme Court of Canada and lower courts identify autism ABA/IBI as "medically necessary" treatment. There is no excuse for failing to act," Marlatt insists.

"Autism is reported to be a health care epidemic effecting 1 in 68 children in Canada, as indicated by extrapolating US CDC figures," Brian Marlatt stated. "What is equally shocking is that Canadians must rely on American statistics unspecific to Canada. This is symptomatic of the Harper government neoconservative war on knowledge, war on science and inconvenient truths - and defunding of Health Care." Autism treatment can cost families as much as $80,000 per year.. "This is the kind of catastrophic, chronic, health care issue the Canada Health Act can best address. Effective, science-based treatment is available but is not being delivered by the provinces and the federal government is not exercising its responsibilities under the Canada Health Act within its constitutional powers."

Politics as usual on health care is insufficient; that health care is an area of provincial jurisdiction is an inadequate excuse. Today, all levels of government are invited to do better.

Progressive Canadians ask all Canadian parliamentarians to join with them in calling for effective scientific-based autism treatment

For More Information, contact: Brian Marlatt, Progressive Canadian candidate

                                             South Surrey-White Rock

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Phone: (604) 541-9783


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Economic improvements ignored in the Globe Debate
Friday, 18 September 2015 15:55

Economic improvements ignored in the Globe Debate

For Immediate Release September 18, 2015

Newmarket, Ont.
- The Hon. Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party, today expressed concern that neither the most efficient access to capital for infrastructure nor maximizing the capabilities of Canada's work force were presented in the Globe and Mail Debate.
The Progressive Canadian Party favours Bank of Canada funding of infrastructure. This measure provides necessary funds to stimulate the economy through construction of needed and in many cases necessary roads, hospitals, schools, and new technology facilities to build a 21st economy without concern for deficit and the accumulation of debt through compound interest. "Had this policy, which existed prior to 1974, been followed " stated Sinclair Stevens, PC Party Leader, ``the massive debt developed from funding through banks at interest rather than the Bank of Canada at administration costs would not have been developed.``
Education funding, too, is a key focus of good economic policy. Unlike some other countries Canadian governments do not support our citizens maximizing their capabilities through funding post secondary education. ``A Grade XII education no longer is adequate for an individual to be of economic value to themselves or our country``, Stevens said, ``to compete in world markets all Canadians must be encouraged and supported in maximizing their capabilities.  Where public funding of post-secondary education once averaged 82% of costs, today government funds only 57%, resulting in higher, even prohibitive, tuition fees which limit student and Canada`s potential.``
These and unique policy directions in the PC Party Prosperity Canada policies, such as a focus on trade and commerce with the 53 nations of the Commonwealth distinguish the Progressive Canadian Party from those engaged in the Globe Debate.

The Hon. Sinclair Stevens,
Leader, PC Party
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PC Party Leader Sinclair Stevens joins former Progressive Conservative PM Joe Clark on refugees
Monday, 07 September 2015 10:15

PC Party Leader Sinclair Stevens joins former Progressive Conservative PM Joe Clark on refugees

For Immediate Release September 7, 2015

Newmarket, Ont.
- The Hon. Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party, stated today he personally and the PC Party share the concern raised by former prime minister the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark on the Syrian Refugee Crisis.
"As a member of the Clark Cabinet", Stevens said, "at the time of the Vietnamese "boat people" crisis in 1979 I was part of a government that took human-rights and the plight of refugees very seriously. We acted. Numbers to be accepted were raised to 50,000.  As in the Tehran crisis, we did not posture for political or election purposes even though we quickly found ourselves in a second election campaign later that year.  We acted decisively.  We saved lives.  That is what Canadians expect.  That is what Canadians demand now.  Liberal governments did so too, with no more or less success.  The Progressive Conservative party was a very different party, a very different government, than the party and government led by Mr. Harper today."
On Friday, September 4, the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark Canada's prime minister 1979-1980 and foreign minister in the Mulroney government, which took leadership in North America and in the Commonwealth opposing apartheid and working diplomatically to free Nelson Mandela, cited the important work his Progressive Conservative government and later governments did at that time.   The Clark interviews Friday noted the difficulties of security and impossible scale of the problems faced  by his and later governments posed by refugee emergencies, urging the same determination by the Canadian government today and by the new Government of Canada after the October 19th election.
"Canadians expect our government to take a leadership role in international emergencies and to be a presence on the world stage.  We've lost that part of reputation in recent years because of the agenda driven Harper government. We must do better", Stevens said.

The Hon. Sinclair Stevens,
Leader, PC Party
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Reference: CTV Former PM Joe Clark urges Canada to "do more" to ease Syrian refugee crisis.
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Progressive Canadian Party favours Bank of Canada funding of infrastructure.
Monday, 31 August 2015 15:54
     Progressive Canadian Party favours Bank of Canada funding of infrastructure.

For Immediate Release August 31, 2015

Newmarket, Ontario -
Infrastructure construction for the 21st Century is needed to build Canada's future.  Progressive Canadians understand the key role Canada's government must play to provide initiative in the tasks of nation-building for Canada's future.  Co-operation and consultation with industry and the provinces is necessary to Canadian national resolve, just as in the days of Sir John A. Macdonald's National Policy whether in national projects like the CPR and the 20th century's St. Lawrence Seaway or national initiatives for tomorrow.  We need 21st Century infrastructure for a 21st Century Canada.  Progressive Canadians are prepared to ask and to answer the key questions: what are the tasks and how do we fund them.

High tech innovation to provide modern opportunity and challenges are part of Canada's future prosperity.  The infrastructure needs of  21st Century industry needs to be supplied with material infrastructure like fibre optic networks, public transit and secure means to provide a healthy environment and educated innovators from the shop floor to corporate offices.  We need to rebuild and maintain the infrastructure built by previous generations, to build new ports, bridges and  roads, schools, hospitals and other facilities.  Building Canada's future infrastructure will create opportunity and provide direct employment for tomorrow while  providing today's needs for materials, jobs, and inspired creativity. Real solutions in this second recession of the last ten years are Progressive Canadian answers to tomorrow's questions.

The value of this undertaking is being challenged by concerns over running deficits.

In power the Progressive Canadian Party will fund infrastructure renewal and innovation, in co-operation with the provinces, municipalities and industry, to identify immediate need and future innovation. Funding for national and co-operative projects will once again be provided through Bank of Canada investment banking facilities, as was the practice between the founding of the Bank of Canada in 1935 and 1974, rather than primarily through private bankers.  Opportunity for renewal of this process is being sought through the courts.

Bank of Canada administrative costs will be added to construction costs.  Repayment could be through long term reverse sinking funds.  Wars were fought, the St. Lawrence Seaway and other projects were constructed in this manner without building the massive debt that has and is continuing to develop through borrowing funds at interest from private banks.

The expressed opinion of David Dodge, former governor of the Bank of Canada is that "At a time when there's a lot of slack in the economy,  it's absolutely appropriate for the government to be spending more than they are taking in, to support the economy and because it's a very good time to get things done. When conditions are more buoyant, governments really ought to be running big surpluses, leaning against that inflationary wind."

Borrowing at these incredibly low interest rates for 30 years to finance this long-lived investment is actually a wonderful thing to be doing," he said.

"At the moment, right across the country we have relatively slow demand for the folks that are needed to build the infrastructure, so the costs to put the infrastructure in place  a bit lower than they have been. It's a good time to do it."

"This is most certainly "a good time to do it," in the view of the Hon. Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the PC Party. In the Progressive Canadian Party view at the lowest possible cost, by our Bank of Canada funding our Canada's needed infrastructure"

Progressive Canadians continue the Progressive Conservative commitment to nation-building, national vision and national unity.


The Honourable Sinclair Stevens,
Leader, Progressive Canadian Party
Newmarket, Ontario
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David Dodge on why the fiscal monitor doesn't matter: CBC The House.
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