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Monday, 21 October 2013 19:23

"Progressive Canadians Announce Toronto Centre Candidate."
"Toronto Centre: Local Issues and Referendum on Harper Conservatives as a National Party."

For Immediate Release October 22, 2013

Newmarket, Ontario - The Honourable Sinclair Stevens, Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) is pleased to announce that Party President, the Rev. Dorian Baxter, will be the PC Party candidate in the November 25th Toronto Centre by-election.

The by-election called following the retirement from Parliament of Toronto Centre MP, recent Liberal Interim Leader and former Premier of Ontario the Honourable Bob Rae is in a very real sense a referendum on the Harper government and calls into question the standing of the Harper Conservative Party as a national party.

Ten years after the take-over of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, Mr. Harper?s party continues to try to reshape Confederation and Parliament around old Reform Party prejudices as evidenced by his partisan Senate appointments, reform proposals and Scandal, and political prorogations of parliament as a zealous, inward-looking movement rather than with responsibility to all Canadians as a national party.

Progressive Canadians continue to share the Progressive Conservative national vision and policies which reinforce Canada?s parliamentary institutions, democracy and social fabric in areas like health care and education and our responsibility to our veterans founded on real Tory principles which balance progressive social policy and fiscal responsibility in the national interest, PC Party candidate Dorian Baxter observed on announcement of his candidacy in Toronto Centre.

"Progressive Canadian proposals for Senate Reform, for example, work within our constitutional framework, traditions, and the purpose of the Senate," he said, "rather than seek to change or abandon them as proposed by those who put party ahead of democratic and national interest."

"The Harper Conservatives show a clear disrespect for parliamentary institutions and the means to democratic accountability including the Opposition which Stephen Harper ignores, the Senate which he sees as responsible to himself, the public service and scientific community which he silences, and the media he treats with contempt," said Progressive Canadian candidate Dorian Baxter.

The by-election also raises the opportunity to discuss a number of important local and citizen-concerned issues of wide importance to Canadian infrastructure including the failure of the Harper Conservatives to consult the community rather than just his political allies in Toronto City Hall on GTA transit issues. By imposing the subway model preferred by Mayor Ford rather than fully consulting the community particularly concerning the less-costly TTC LRT model which would take advantage of existing unused rail lines to move people to and from places of work, home, and downtown Mr. Harper?s government again looks inward rather than to the wishes, well-being and fiscal interest of Canadians, in this case Torontonians and specifically Toronto Centre.

Education, too, continues to suffer from neglect. "This is an issue that is both local and national," Baxter observed, "no less than the defunding of health care by decreasing the rate of increase of federal transfers to the provinces under the Canada Health Act from 6% to 3% by the Harper government beginning in 2014.

Out of reach cost of tutition has come to mean that money rather than academic excellence is deciding who can benefit from and contribute to Canada?s potential and place in the world. Together with suppression of scientific knowledge in the interest of political messaging, suppression of access to post-secondary education through underfunding or picking winners and losers in the intellectual and skills marketplace of an ever-changing future seems to be driven by the resource extraction obsessions of a government and party which lacks national perspective and national vision, unlike the former Progressive Conservatives and Progressive Canadians.

"Progressive Canadians are Progressive Conservatives; Progressive Conservatives are Progressive Canadians," Dorian Baxter said, noting further that "it was John A. Macdonald who, in 1854, first described the Tory party as "progressive Conservative" and that is not the present government."

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Hon. Sinclair Stevens,
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Dorian Baxter,
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