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Monday, 11 December 2017 23:41

By-Elections show 'new' Conservative Party unelectable, PC Party Leader says.

For Immediate Release: December 11, 2017. 
Niagara Falls, Ont - “The big story tonight is coming out of the by-election in South Surrey-White Rock and it is the complete collapse, the failure at last, of ‘unite-the-right’ in Canada,” Progressive Canadian Party Leader, and former Progressive Conservative MP, Joe Hueglin said as Elections Canada reported key poll results in the British Columbia riding, long considered a safe seat for the ‘Harper’ Conservatives.

South Surrey-White Rock has been held by Progressive Conservatives, Reform, the Canadian Alliance, and the ‘Harper’ Conservatives since 1972, although electoral boundaries and the riding name have changed several times.  The riding was cited in ‘unite-the-right’ politics to justify the PC-CA merger schemed by Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay which had little affect other than to remove the Progressive Conservative party from the ballot, Tory loyalists in the Progressive Canadian Party insist.

The South Surrey-White Rock by-election was called when former Conservative Party star candidate Dianne Watts left the BC seat after near defeat in 2015 as ‘new’ Conservative support began to collapse and only two years as an MP to pursue a career in provincial politics.

“South Surrey-White Rock was one of the safest of safe seats in Canada.” Hueglin said, “That’s gone.”

”The meaning for national politics and the future of the ‘new' Conservative Party is in the poll results,” Hueglin said.  “The message in all four by-elections to former Tories is that ‘unite-the-right’ is unelectable.  It’s time to move on.”

“Our Progressive Canadian candidate in South Surrey-White Rock, Michael Huenefeld, campaigned bravely despite an absence of media coverage frustrating voter choice, earning few votes but Tory voices persist.  Sir John A.’s “progressive Conservative” principles are electable, Harper’s neoconservative politics are not.  It’s time to rebuild the Tory party of Confederation.  It’s Canada 150,” Mr. Hueglin added.

The Progressive Canadian Party was founded as a continuation of the policy, principles and political outlook of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.  The PC Party was founded by Progressive Conservatives who found the ‘new’ Conservative Party unsupportable and believed the merger with the Canadian Alliance would soon become unelectable, an ideological movement rather than a party open to all Canadians and to Progressive Conservatives. 

“We offer leadership and renewed direction by example,” in the view of Brian Marlatt, current South Surrey-White Rock PC Party campaign chair and four time candidate in the riding.  

“Our Leader until recently was the late Hon. Sinclair Stevens, who served in the Mulroney and Clark cabinets. Our candidates have included former Tory Science Minister, the Hon. Heward Graffety. Our current Leader is former Tory MP Joe Hueglin.  The ‘new’ Conservatives are led by Andrew Scheer from the Canadian Alliance and ran a former Canadian Alliance candidate in South Surrey-White Rock, losing the riding.  Canadians can see who is Tory and what is electable in the future, and it isn’t the Canadian Alliance and Reform party politics,” Marlatt concluded.

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