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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 09:13


 "Governments are continuing to shift the cost of public education onto the backs of students and their families. By increasing tuition fees in a time of economic uncertainty, provincial governments are further reducing access to education skills and training"... Adam Awad, National Chairperson of the Student Federation of Canada.

This is a quote from an article entitled, Despite Economic Hard Times, Tuition Fees Rising Far Faster Than Inflation - From the Federation of Canadian students website.

Currently, the total student debt is quickly approaching $15 Billion, while Stephen Harper is trying to push through a deal for the most expensive, and unnecessary warplanes ever - even the U.S. won't buy them because of that high cost - Harper's excuse - Canada needs more defense!!

Why is it that no value is put on our most valuable resource, the resource of our future - our students!

According to a Stats Canada report by Kathleen Marshall, entitled, Employment Patterns of Post-Secondary Students, Marshall states, "Tuition fees have risen at a faster rate than inflation since the early 1900's... some researchers expect the economic downturn to present a number of challenges for post-secondary institutions: decreasing revenues; increasing costs;increasing enrollment in colleges and post-graduate studies, and increasing student aid costs".

The Progressive Canadian Party believes that in a knowledge-based economy, Canada must regard its students as a valuable resource, and, as such, it should invest in them, not penalize them. Billions that will be wasted on huge, expensive projects that can serve no useful good, such as the F-35', should be channeled into reducing student debt each year, eliminating a student's fear of entering into a post-secondary education. We should be proud of our students, and invest in their development, like Norway, where they use a share oil revenues to invest in their own country's education programs and pensions, etc. Why not treat university and college education as grades thirteen through sixteen, instead of making students and their parents pay heavily before they even get a chance?!!

Eliminating student debt will free our most valuable resource to become productive members of a global, knowledge-based economy where they, like their own country can prosper. The current student loan system is unrealistic in the extreme, and a punishment just for wanting a better education, a better employment prospect, and a better life style upon graduation, instead of a massive debt that is almost impossible to re-pay.


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