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Thursday, 15 October 2015 11:06

Senate, Harper integrity remain key issues in 2015 election:
South Surrey White Rock PC Party candidate Brian Marlatt

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October 15, 2015 South Surrey, BC -
"The Senate emerged as an important issue early in this election because of the Duffy trial and the Harper Senate scandal," Progressive Canadian candidate Brian Marlatt said this morning in the hotly contested key BC riding South Surrey-White Rock where Harper Conservative candidate Dianne Watts is described as a falling star.
"The Senate dominated the first half of the 2015 federal election, not surprisingly, because of the Duffy trial, involvement by Harper's chiefs-of-staff, and more subtly but most significantly because of Stephen Harper's proposals to rewrite Canada's constitution through Senate reform by neglect or confrontation, in defiance of the Supreme Court of Canada reference on Senate reform, as most Canadians will understand the court's intention."
"Progressive Canadians believe it presents an opportunity for meaningful change within the constitution", Marlatt said.
"What was revealed or alleged in the Duffy trial is really less important than Harper's stratagem to create a false choice between abolition, perhaps by neglect of the prime minister's duty to nominate new senators to the Governor General when others retire, like South Surrey's Senator Gerry St. Germain who retired in 2012, and provincial election of senators pretending to be reform.  Harper wants to replace Canadian federalism framed around a vision of one Canada from to sea to sea with province-first federalism.  Harper's objective is to create a provincially elected Senate to build firewalls around the provinces against Canadian national policies and national programmes", Marlatt believes.
"Failing that," he suggests, "Harper is willing to threaten abolition by neglect to win favour for his firewall proposal as the alternative."  A federal court case brought forward against the Harper government by Vancouver lawyer Aniz Alani directly challenges Stephen Harper's refusal to name senators as neglect of the prime minister's constitutional responsibilities."
The Progressive Canadian Party proposal for Senate Reform addresses the issues of patronage, partisanship, and the threat to national unity inherent in  provincial election of Senators to Canada's Parliament, says Brian Marlatt the PC Party candidate in South Surrey-White Rock.
"The Senate is a check on the prime minister and cabinet government and on excesses of electoral partisanship and provincial sectarianism, as intended at Confederation.  It balances representation by population in the elected Commons with regional representation in the appointed Senate to review and revise government legislation and regulations, what is meant by "sober second thought".  It does not exist to build firewalls against Ottawa as Mr. Harper has described it or to serve the government's agenda as Mr. Harper believes.  Mr. Harper is the first prime minister ever to accept pledges from senators he names to pass his party's legislation."
"Progressive Canadians propose that future nomination of senate candidates to the Governor General should come from the non-partisan Queen's Privy Council, instead of from the Prime Minister alone", Marlatt said.
"The Queen's Privy Council exists within the constitution to advise the GG as the Queen's representative but is rarely used.  It consists of all present and former prime ministers and cabinets, former Supreme Court justices, diplomats, other distinguished Canadians, and leaders of the Opposition or premiers on invitation.  Patronage, partisanship, potential provincial sectarianism, and unconstitutional abolition are avoided.  Excellence, merit, and knowledge of governance, service, become the standard in appointment without the partisanship of election."
"What we, in South Surrey-White Rock, should not miss is how intimately this involves our own riding", he added. "The Progressive Conservative Guiding Principles for Senate Reform were written here as Tory policy by Progressive Conservatives in South Surrey-White Rock before the party takeover and are the basis of the Progressive Canadian proposal for Senate appointment, free of partisan patronage, through nomination by the Queen's Privy Council."

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