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Thursday, 27 November 2014 20:51

Reasons to Donate to the PC Party, the Progressive Canadian Party - Today: Veteran’s Affairs

Thank you for being a proud Canadian and donating to the PC Party to sustain the Canadian Tory tradition under the banner of the Progressive Canadian Party. Your past donations are greatly appreciated.

We are writing to ask you to continue your support by donating today to the PC Party as part of our 2015 tax year appeal.

If you share our concern as Progressive Canadians that Veterans Issues are being neglected by "The Harper Government," please support the PC Party by your donation.

As Progressive Canadians we promise we will continue to fight to ensure Veteran’s PTSD, rehabilitation and Health Care Issues will be the priority they deserve to be. We will fight to reopen Veteran’s Affairs offices across Canada closed by "The Harper Government." We will stand by the principle of "One Veteran" to ensure all who serve in Canada’s armed forces, regular and reservist, will be treated with the same dignity and access to the services they deserve.

By donating to the PC Party today you will gain a 75% tax credit for every dollar you give up to $400.00 for the 2015 tax year, and additional tax credits on amounts up to $1,500. Donating to the PC Party will help elect Progressive Canadians to Parliament in the 2015 General Election in the Tory tradition we know in Canada from Sir John A. Macdonald to today’s PC Party.

Thank you.

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