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Sunday, 18 October 2015 18:33

PC Party endorses Trudeau’s attacks on Harper’s non-progressive Party

Newmarket, Ont. October 17, 2015 

The Honourable Sinclair Stevens, formerly Minister of Regional Economic Expansion in Mulroney’s Progressive Conservative government in the ‘80’s and currently Leader of the Progressive Canadian Party today stated, “I am very pleased to see the support given to progressive governance in recent articles in two major Canadian newspapers.”
   In an October 10 article endorsing Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party for next Monday’s election the Toronto Star said,
“ … Stephen Harper has offered voters simply more of the same – more regressive social policies, more whittling away at government, more settling for a stagnant economy that leaves too many behind.
   “Canadians are a decent, progressive people who deserve a decent, progressive government that holds out the prospect of a better and more constructive future.” and also
   “We believe voters who refuse to accept this backward-looking, destructive agenda (and polls suggest that’s about two-thirds of them) should give their support to Trudeau and the Liberals. They offer the strongest progressive alternative to the Conservatives and are best-positioned to win enough support to form a new government.”
   And on October 13 the Globe and Mail wrote:
   “Justin Trudeau is targeting Conservative voters as he tours through Ontario in the last week of the campaign, arguing Stephen Harper has abandoned the “progressive” heritage of his Tory predecessors.”; and also,
   “The Liberal Leader said that in the past, PC governments fought against poverty and helped to improve Canada’s reputation on the world stage. “Those are values that haven’t disappeared, they have just disappeared from the current Conservative Party and disappeared along with anything progressive about them,” and, in a final quote from Trudeau’s statement,
   “We don’t need to convince them to leave the Conservative Party, we just need to show them how Stephen Harper’s party has left them.”
   Stevens concluded with, “It is to be hoped that, on election day, the voters will have taken note of the above and Harper’s very non-progressive party, together with its dictatorial leader, will be reduced to a minority in our Canadian parliament.”


The Hon. Sinclair Stevens,
Leader, PC Party
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