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Thursday, 16 March 2017 08:44
Markham-Thornhill By-Election PC candidate Dorian Baxter states PCParty position opposing Lib and Con leader and national party interference in Riding candidates nominations

For Immediate Release: March 17, 2017
Niagara Falls, Ontario - On Feb. 20, the Liberal Party sent an email saying the deadline for signing up new members eligible to vote was Feb. 14.
"Markham businessman Nadeem Qureshi, left, and Markham school board trustee Juanita Nathan are saying that the Liberal nomination process in Markham-Thornhill is not fair. They say Mary Ng, right, director of appointments to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is the party leadership's preferred candidate."  (photo caption).

A PCParty position favoured by Hon. Sinclair Stevens on leader and national party interference, without cause, in the nomination of  local candidates or to favour candidate nominees preferred by the party leadership is stated as a key point in the Progressive Canadian party call to restore integrity in our electoral system, issued in January of last year at the beginning of the electoral reform discussions.

The PC Party argues "If there is to be electoral reform it should end selection of constituency candidates controlled without cause by the corporate political party and party leader."

The experience of Liberal nominees for candidacy in Markham-Thornhill argues for the need of this kind of reform of the party system as electoral reform.  While party partisans have argued for some kind of party voting, usually proportional representation or complicated mixed systems of PR, in their own interest as electoral reform, Progressive Canadians see the virtue in riding elections to choose riding MPs freed from excesses of party partisanship, including PR, which increase voter scepticism in the integrity of our electoral system.

Progressive Canadians believe that the integrity of our electoral system is fundamental to faith in Canadian democracy and made these additional proposals:

- Repeal Bill C-16, the fixed date election law that neutered the Opposition and tightened party control by all parties and party leaders, including the Prime Minister's Office.

- Elections Canada should be empowered to establish and moderate pre-writ period and writ period spending limits per party and per candidate.  Elections should be about who we elect in each riding to be Members of Parliament in the Parliament of Canada, not about parties and money.

- Taking party names off of the ballot, which first occurred in the 1970s in Canada, would better encourage selection of Members of Parliament as constituency representatives.

The PC Party was alone in taking active steps to bring a federal and Supreme Court challenge to the Harper governments Bill C-23, the Fair Elections Act, but was prevented from going further by the excessive cost of defending democracy through the courts.  Yet while others talked, the PC Party acted, seeking legal council and taking the first steps in that direction under then PC Party Leader, the Hon. Sinclair Stevens.

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Rev. Dorian Baxter,
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