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Tuesday, 21 March 2017 10:49

Further scandal on Conservative appointed Senator Don Meredith.

For Immediate Release - March 21, 2017

Niagara Falls -
  Of interest in the scandal involving Senator Don Meredith is the manner of Senator Meredith's political activity prior to his appointment.

Meredith was appointed to the Senate by Stephen Harper after becoming the unsuccessful Conservative Party candidate, replacing Mark Warner, in the Toronto-Centre Riding by-election of March 17, 2008.

Warner, who was nominated by his party's Toronto-Centre riding association in February 2007, was arbitrarily removed as candidate October 30, 2007 for differences  with " the national party's campaign over social and urban issues ." At the same time the CPC Guelph Riding candidate was "dropped because he wasn't campaigning hard enough to build up the party locally, "

Meredith was made Senator in 2010 after having accepted acclamation as Warner's replacement in December 2007 and campaigning for only three months in the Toronto-Centre by-election against Bob Rae.

As with Mike Duffy and all other Harper senate appointees, Senator Meredith's appointment was made only after a "pledge" was made to pass Conservative Party policy proposals derived from its predecessors, the Canadian Alliance and Reform parties, rather than on the basis of duty to Canada in our Upper House of "sober second thought". 

The "pledge" to then Prime Minister Harper included a promise to the prime minister and his party to resign from the Senate of Canada after only eight years in the Upper Chamber, in keeping with new Conservative policy and against his constitutional duty to be a check on the prime minister and cabinet government.

The current scandal may well be sufficient reason for the Honourable Senator to resign from office. His past willingness to replace a duly elected candidate arbitrarily removed and the "pledge" made by all new Conservative senators to the former prime minister and to his party both add just causes that he do so.

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Tories drop 2 would-be Ontario candidates

"The Conservative party that I'm from doesn't remove a duly nominated candidate. It's supposed to be based on grassroots principles," Barr said.

In February 2007 Mark Warner became "the Conservative Party of Canada's candidate for the House of Commons in the riding of Toronto Centre by-election following the retirement of Bill Graham, but on October 30, the national council of the party replaced him as its candidate because of differences between Warner's campaign and the national party's campaign over social and urban issues 

Don Meredith "In December 2007, he was nominated by the Conservative Party of Canada as its candidate in the downtown Toronto riding of Toronto Centre federal by-election held on March 17, 2008  Meredith won the Conservative nomination by acclamation several weeks after the party controversially removed Mark Warner as its standard-bearer      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Meredith_(politician)#Early_political_career

Meredith was appointed to the Canadian Senate on December 18, 2010 on the advice of Prime Minister Harper, and joined the Conservative caucus.
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