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Monday, 21 October 2019 17:21
Progressive Canadian Party / Parti Progressiste Canadien

Make 2019 the last election under the Fixed Date Election Law
Progressive Canadian Nanaimo-Ladysmith candidate Brian Marlatt 

For Immediate Release:
Nanaimo-Ladysmith, October  21, 2019 – The Progressive Canadian Party and PC Party candidate in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith riding election in the 43rd General Election of Parliament, October 21, 2019, Brian Marlatt, today, called on the prime minister and new government formed after the election to repeal the Fixed Date Election Law, Harper’s 2007 Bill C-16, amending the Canada Elections Act.

“A promise to make 2019 the last election under the Fixed Date Election Law by the prime minister in the new parliament formed after the October 21st General Election will demonstrate a commitment to Canada’s Westminster Parliamentary Democracy, the importance of an effective Official Opposition in Parliament and independent Members of Parliament on both the government ministry and opposition benches, and away from unaccountable, arbitrary, party government we have seen since Stephen Harper’s Bill C-16 received royal assent in 2007,” the PC Party deputy leader and Nanaimo-Ladysmith candidate said on election day.

“The Fixed Date Election Law reduces parliamentary responsible government to arbitrary government, it needs to be repealed in the interest of core Canadian parliamentary principles and our democracy,” Marlatt said, “Rash and unparliamentary change can have constitutional consequences.”

“Justin Trudeau rashly promised to make 2015 the last election using First-Past-The-Post despite its clear virtues of providing fair, democratic riding elections to represent all Canadians by MPs elected where they live.  ERRE was immediately hi-jacked by the NDP and Greens seeking to impose party votes across Canada on riding elections, effectively disenfranchising voters in favour of party activists and movements, party proportional representation.  Like the Harper Fixed Date Election Law, ProRep puts party ahead of the people and our basic democratic rights,” Marlatt said, adding, “We can do better to protect Canada’s democracy from hyper-partisan movement politics.  Making 2019 the last fixed date election will go along way in that direction”

ERRE and Justin Trudeau’s promise were put aside when it became clear that the hi-jacked committee would only accept only PR as electoral reform even though by replacing riding MPs with party MPs the reform would almost certainly be found unconstitutional and risk a constitutional crisis.  “A Supreme Court constitutional reference, like the Senate Reform Reference, was essential.  So too, fixed date elections.”

The Fixed Date Election Law was introduced by the Harper government in defiance of Progressive Conservative policy priorities abandoned when the Canadian Alliance removed the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada from the ballot.  “I wrote the Progressive Conservative policy amendments defeating the CA/DRC call for American fixed date elections at the 2002 PC Edmonton Democratic Reform Convention and reaffirming the PC Guiding Principles for Senate Reform, adopted in Quebec City, 2000,” Marlatt stated.

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